About us

Do you want to sit next to me?

We are Elisa and Isabella, both made in Italy, and without this simple, polite question there would have been no blog. This is how everything started. We met in 2011 in a high school classroom and we have been inseparable ever since.

After four years of high school together, our paths went separate ways. As life moved forward so did we, but no matter what, there was always that sacred time that we had to spend together. However, seeing each other as often as we used to, started to become impossible as we were both always on the move: Australia, the States, China, Russia, Spain and many other places around the globe. And now, one is studying to become a lawyer in Canterbury, United Kingdom, and the other one is ready to leave for a post-graduation Erasmus in Shanghai, China.

Believe us, every time we are together we go back to being sixteen, wild and free. Those were the times where we had no responsibilities and where we would always complain  even though we had nothing to complain about because everything was perfect. Our happiness was genuine. Everyone needs someone that has the power to do that.

So, we tried to find a way to recreate that spark even if we are not able to physically see each other because of the distance. Being twenty-three and far away from your best friend can be hard. The fact that we have an age where we can have both teenagers’ and adults’ problems is fascinating and terrifying at the same time. Any person of any age can feel emotionally unstable, just like being on a rollercoaster and we all believe that we are alone, that we are the only ones living an uncertain bittersweet life.

That’s how we realised that we wanted to open a blog about our bumpy ups and downs because people need to read as much as we need to write. Our blog is the place where you can learn to enjoy the rollercoaster ride, with all of its ups and downs and unexpected turns, even if you are not good at dealing with your feelings. Through our stories, our tips and our mistakes coming from our everyday lives, we hope to give you a different perspective on things, to take your mind off what’s bothering you, to make you laugh, to make you emotional, to make you feel like our friendship: real.

E. and I.

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