It was not my turn to post, but this is a letter to say goodbye to someone really important to me.

16th of January 2019

I want you to forget for a minute everything that is going on around you, to forget all those worries, those anxieties that tear you apart from the inside day after day.

I want you to forget the breathlessness that you have after continuously chasing something or someone because when days like this arrive, we are obliged to look ourselves in the mirror. This is when we realize how everything is fleeting, and life must be enjoyed as such because one day it will be our turn to go away. Today we are to wave goodbye to someone that had correctly understood all of this; however, he did not get a chance to continue to teach us his lifestyle. It was not meant to be like this.

My dear Mauro, I have always admired the serenity by which you dealt with your day to day life while I was still chasing something that I could not have, I was unhappy or worried for some reason, you did not need much to have a smile on your face, to be happy for real. It was always so good to see you because in no time with a joke, a hug or good pasta dish you would put us in a good mood. You are for us a significant unexpected loss. And this is a pain that we cannot erase. We have to try and do anything to not be quashed by it. We will need time because nothing will ever be the same without you. But we all know that even if you are not where you were any more you are still with us. Right now you are probably looking at me while I am writing this letter, and you are having a great laugh thinking: “If I were you I would worry more about the fact that you will have no one to cook you an alternative meal during big holiday meals just because you are picky and you do not like lamb”.

I cannot say goodbye because in my head you are still home and you could come by to say hello any minute.

We love you uncle Mauro, yesterday, today and forever.





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