New Year

It is the new year! Welcome 2019, I believe we are ready for you.

A few days ago, a person I had just met told me a nice story.

We were talking about neighbors and she recalled an event which had recently happened to her.

When she was about 20 she moved with her boyfriend at the time, and they lived together until they split up a few years later. From what I understand, they have not kept in touch until recently, when he called her about a garbage fee they were notified not to have paid all the years they were together. He also asked her to handle this problem because he is always traveling abroad and could not deal with it himself, so she did.

However, she did not have the landlady’s contact anymore so she had to go to the actual place and ring a few doorbells to ask for it. Eventually, someone opened the door and let her in. She was a kind old woman who made her coffee and invited her to sit down a little and talk. The girl obtained the number she needed and noticed how the neighborhood had changed in those years and how she was kind of melancholic about it, but this feeling went away as soon as she got back into the car.

Maybe it was the way she told us the story that made me picture it in my mind while she was talking, a story that sounded a lot like a romantic comedy movie plot or something like that.

I thought about myself in the same situation. I do not think I would have agreed so easily to deal with the issue because you know, exes and stuff, but the girl who told me the story was a person who appeared to not hold a grudge against people, something that I feel it is very difficult to do. Therefore, since today is the first day of the New year and we all have new year’s resolutions, mine would be to be more open-minded and to care less about things in general, because who knows how much time we have left in this life? I do not want to spend this time being bitter.

Therefore, happy New Year to all of you and may your life be shiny and joyful.



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