I’m only woman

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Being a woman in today’s society is not easy at all.

We are always being put under pressure of any kind.

In modern Western society, they like to say that there is gender equality now, that women are treated almost as well as men, and that seems to give people from western society the right to criticize the rest of the world from the top of their alleged superiority.

I believe it is a lie, and I will tell you why.

I come from a very patriarchal and conservative liberal democratic society, the Italian society. One of the first things that people from all over the world figure in their mind when they hear the word “Italy” are those old ladies dressed in black from Neorealistic movies such as Rossellini’s or De Sica’s films

Maybe nowadays we are not all mourning in funerals while tearing our hair apart and beating our chests anymore, but I have spent much time thinking about a woman’s role in today’s Italian society, and it is mainly related to those old movies. The woman is still, first of all, the MOTHER. Alternatively, in a broader sense, the one who takes care of her offspring. She can also be the grandmother or the aunt, it does not matter, but what is important is that, in such family-centered society as the Italian one is, a woman is framed in this pattern.

Today I read an article about the famous blogger Chiara Ferragni who a few months ago had her first child, Leo. She is now a mother, but she is also a working woman, a woman whom only last year made eight million euros with the activity she launched and raised. She is a successful woman who also happened to be a mother, but she cannot leave her job apart. It is an integral part of what she was and is today, and I respect her for that.

However, the comment section of her Instagram profile was full of insults, just because she is always on the move, catching flights to travel all around the world in order to develop her industry which gives work to many people.

Moreover, what were the insults about? That she was not a decent mother. When it is her husband, the rapper Fedez, who travels it is not such a big deal, because it is normal for the father to leave wife and children and not to care about it, but when concerning an Italian woman, it becomes a huge scandal. She is the scandal; I respect and esteem her for this. Break the mental barriers of these dull and reactionary people and please, never stop doing what you want and need to do.





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