It was a Summer night of 2012; the sound of cicadas and the blistering heat weren’t bothering that boy and girl sitting side by side on the wet pool deck. They had known each other only for a couple of days in which they had been speaking every single hour both face to face and texts when they were not together.

I remember you telling me that you had a wish, just one wish: be forever young. You were terrified of seeing time go by so quickly, of realizing that people around you were changing, growing up. You didn’t want to give up being a child in order to go into the adults’ world because there nothing is ever good enough. And you wanted the rest of the world to stop spinning with you. By stopping yourself from doing anything that could hurt you and acting like nothing could really bother you, with no sentimental bonds, you were trying to find that kind of magic that could still make you feel happy and special like when you were a kid.

I remember every word you said. I remember how you smiled embaressed, you looked the other way, you turned around again and after a deep breath you said: “I want to be like Peter Pan, forever a child, forever young doing what I want to do and not what I have to. This is who I am and what I do.” I was fascinated by the eighteen-year old boy sitting beide me because I started noticing a side that I never thought I would see, a delicate but powerful feature that was missing in my life. It mattered to me that I was impressed. And just like when children are watching television and they forget about what is going on around them, we forgot about real life. When the time came we decided that we were never going to say goodbye. Nothing could have stopped us.

On this day six years ago, I decided that I couldn’t ignore that twinge in my heart anymore and that boy was what I needed. I sent you a long and deep message to which you replied: “I never loved someone so much in my life.” And from that day on I always felt like a Wendy of the real world.

Today you are turning twenty-five and I want to tell you that there is no need to be scared to grow up, you don’t have to be nostalgic about something that was, is and will always be inside you. You brought magic to my life because that magic is deep inside you. You don’t need cartoons or tattoos to remind you that you will always be special. You will go backwards and forwards because change has to happen: it can be good or bad, it can bring you up or down but it is the natural course of life. However, you have the power to go back to the place where you feel confortable. You and your Neverland are safe from “Captain Hook” as long as you want it to be.

There is no other way to better say happy birthday everlasting Peter Pan.



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