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#week 7


Let yourself enjoy solitude.
Only this way you can learn how to be happy alone.

Why do we have to let other people decide how we feel? It’s like consenting to be tied up all day, every day and I believe that this is masochism.

Yes, connecting with other people is healthy for the soul: human beings are made to share their own feelings and emotions with other people. But what about when those bonds become not healthy for you? You should cut them off.

Who is in charge of what we do who we become? We are. And we can also learn to relate on ourselves. We can talk, reflect, even enjoy the lonely times, if we dare to.

Going to the movies, reading a book in a park, having tea and biscuits at the café next door. Nobody can say that a person acting like this is a weirdo. If he does, it’s because he’s probably scared by what he is doing because he knows that it is something different that he never thought of doing before.

And while you’re hanging out just with yourself, it could be good to analyze yourself. Allow yourself to investigate the deepest twists and turns of your mind, and when you find an emotional obstacle inside you, don’t stop digging. That thorn in your flesh… It’s not a tree falling down that you cannot stop or escape from, but it dwells inside you, and as such, it can be tamed.

Therefore, the first thing you have to do is not reaching out for someone in order to fill your emptiness and distract you from thinking about the real problem. Turn off your digital devices and stand in front of a mirror, look into your eyes and while addressing to your inner obstacles just say at loud: “I have no fear of you“.

You have a great power inside, but maybe you don’t know it yet. It’s like a vein of gold hidden underneath the riverbed of your beliefs that you have to dig it out and cherish. You can do that.

When it gets to life you are alone. That’s why you cry and cry: you have just come out of mom’s warm, comfortable womb and you are expected to deal with the whole world by yourself. But now you should count on your own strengths, not on mum’s anymore, so get out of your comfortable zone. It’s too easy to blame others, time and fate for your own faults: take your own responsibilities.

As in marketing, understand your SWOTs (strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats) and work on them. You can do that.

Just don’t think as yourself as if you were a puppet at the mercy of sea waves because you are not. You are a human being, with a brain and intelligence.

So, value them and use all of your superpowers to defeat your own soul criminals.
You can do that.

Start trying today.



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