Perfectly imperfect

girl, swimsuit, colorful, shaking, hair, boat, sea, summer, happyness, joy, cheerful


“No tengas miedo de la perfección, nunca la alcanzarás”  

“Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it” once said the surrealist Spanish painter Salvador Dalí. I have no fear of perfection however, I am deeply concerned about this need to show everyone that we are perfect even when we are not. Imperfections are perfect but somehow, we all accuse mother nature of those things we believe are wrong with us. We all have our own design, but this is a harsh society and we sometimes lose ourselves out of frustration. It is even harder being young, there is no place you can go without seeing mirrors reflecting what you will never be, but you are desperately trying to achieve. It’s like there is a rule that we are all trying to follow and because of it we never feel pretty enough, we never feel smart enough, we never feel right in any situation that we find ourselves in.

My whole life I’ve been trying to be perfect for people around me. A perfect daughter, a perfect girlfriend, a perfect friend, a perfect student. I was someone who believed that reaching perfection was more important than anything else. I thought that me being perfect would have made other people happy and appreciative. Even though I was trying so hard, like every human being, I sometimes couldn’t be that perfect at everything and when your aim is perfection there is no grey, it is either black or white. So, I started failing, being a disappointment to all the people that I was trying to please so badly. And when you let yourself down there is no all the qualities you thought you had seem to have no value anymore.

With time I figured it all out. I understood that there is a big difference between being perfect and doing your best: you will not always be perfect however, you can always do your best. And once you realise that you can’t be perfect you will find yourself in a better place.

I was tired of pretending to be perfect, I just wanted to be me. Not everyone will like me and not everything will always come easily to me. But with my pockets full of positivity, self-confidence and ambition, I believe that I can go anywhere.



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